McDonalds goes posh Down Under, serves up gourmet burgers and table service

Fast food restaurant to introduce wooden trays, metal chip baskets and digital dining service

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McDonald’s is attempting to upgrade its image in Australia by introducing a new gourmet service for customers keen for a higher class of burger service.

The multi-million pound business has ditched its plastic trays and counter service in one of its New South Wales restaurants in favour of a more considered and altogether personal approach.

Customers at the Castle Hill branch of “Macca’s” in New South Wales are now treated to gourmet burgers, served up on wooden trays, with the usual cardboard chip packaging replaced with metal baskets, the Australian Daily Telegraph reports.



The branch is the first of McDonald’s’ “Customer Learning Lab” locations and includes a “Create your taste” digital kiosk where people can construct their own gourmet burgers.

In an added perk, customers no longer need to stand around and wait for their food once they’ve created it as the new restaurant includes table service.

McDonald’s chief executive Andrew Gregory told the Telegraph that the ideas for these changes came straight from the business’ customers.

“All of our innovations have been led by Australians. What we’re really doing here is just what our customers have asked us to do,” he said.

“An important part of these restaurants is that we take customers along the journey with us and get their feedback – we want to make sure Macca’s restaurants of the future are what Aussies ordered,” he added.