Remember when restaurants would proudly claim things like 'Just like mama made!'? Well now it seems we've become such consumerists that things are going in the other direction, with more people than I can feasibly fit in this article describing the humble sandwich as a homemade version of what you buy in a shop.

Twitter user @michaeljhudson was the first to spot it, before BuzzFeed rounded the examples up, many of which genuinely seem to view a submarine roll as entirely a Subway thing.

Admittedly, some of the creators can be forgiven for making a Subway-esque recipe:

Some tread a dodgy ground toward just a sandwich:

Some are just weird Philly cheesesteaks:

And some are just straight-up SANDWICHES:

What's next? Loaves are 'homemade Hovis'? Chips are 'homemade McCain'?

As social media faux pas go, this is way less cuter than grandmas accidentally tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash.