Forget the Baked Alaska sabotage – this culinary conflict matters the most

Marie Antoinette, eighteenth-century Dauphine of France, is famous for her response to news that her people were starving: “Let them eat cake”. But the Brits, cake lovers that we are, never needed telling, and have been enjoying them for centuries.

To mark Craft Bakers’ Week – which celebrates UK high street bakeries and ends this Sunday - a survey has come up with a list of Britain’s favourite local bakes.

Pollsters from OnePoll asked 2,000 adults for their favourite regional bake, and ranked each product according to the number of votes it received.

Forget the Baked Alaska sabotage on the Great British Bake Off – this is the culinary conflict that matters the most.

On a national level, the Eccles Cake came out on top, just ahead of the Bakewell Pudding and Bakewell Tart in joint second place. Together they took nearly 25 per cent of the vote, with the Chelsea Bun coming third.

Take a look at our gallery for a full selection of these regional delights.