Turn your home office into a coffee shop (kind of) with website that produces that Starbucks ambience


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So many people work “from home” at their local coffee shop now that many independent chains are forced to erect signs gently reminding these Wi-fi hogs to, y’know, buy another cup o’joe now and again.

If you’re getting one too many passive-aggressive vibes from your local barista, then help is at hand courtesy of developer Justin Kauszler’s Coffitivity website which recreates the ambient sounds of your local Starbucks (other coffee chains are available) and plays them through your computer speakers.

The logic – cited from a paper in the Journal of Consumer Research – is that’s it’s difficult to work creatively in a quiet space, but a noisy office doesn’t help either, so the ambience of a coffee shop is perfect for writing the next Harry Potter (as JK Rowling did in Edinburgh cafés like The Elephant House). All you have to do now is boil the kettle and charge yourself £2.70 for a Nescafé.