Waitrose to sell sweeter 'child-friendly' Brussels sprouts for Christmas

Children often reject the festive staple because of its perceived bitter taste

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A supermarket is to sell the much-maligned Brussels sprout in a sweeter "kid friendly" form in time for Christmas.

Waitrose said it had worked with its growers to create a milder-flavoured sprout for children, who often reject the festive staple because of its perceived bitter taste.

Studies suggest that children's reluctance to eat Brussels sprouts could stem from the survival instinct, as harmful toxins tend to have a bitter taste.

But the sprouts contain twice as much vitamin C per 100g than an orange.

Waitrose described the new sprouts as "a real crowd-pleaser and one that is bound to get a unanimous thumbs up from kids this Christmas".

Amy Lance, chief sprout taster at Waitrose, said: "The humble Brussels sprout is a wonderful bundle of deliciousness, but so often overlooked by children or picky eaters.

"We have worked hard over the past year to develop this sprout which we believe will win over even the most ardent sprout haters. We hope it will get a massive thumbs up from children this Christmas and encourage them to eat their greens."

The new version, clearly labeled with a red "kid friendly" sticker, will arrive in branches this week for a limited period in the run up to Christmas priced at £2.50 for 330g.