You can now order pizza by emoji because brands are trying damnit

Praise Cheesus

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Domino's is trying to cash-in on pizza's continuing revival and general emojification by allowing customers to order simply by tweeting pizza emoji.

It announced a tweet-to-order system for US customers on Twitter yesterday, which involves people setting up an Easy Order account where you register your Twitter handle and topping preferences and then tweet 44 pizza emoji in a pizza formation to order.

Domino's will then DM you to confirm the order and check you weren't just doing one of those 'OMG PIZZA IS LFE' type tweets.

"It’s the epitome of convenience," said Patrick Doyle, CEO at Domino’s, adding: "We’ve got this down to a five-second exchange."

The stage is now set for an assassin to corner the market for ordering hits by gun emoji (in fairness, China did have to recently ban an app that let you hire a mercenary to carry out beatings).


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