In Flanders Fields the salami blow, between the cheeses, slice on slice

A Tesco Extra in Horley has marked the fallen in salami, olives and green peppers, creating special Remembrance Day pizzas decorated with poppies.

The pies were spotted by shopper Ian Vaughan and were apparently the work of a couple of employees gone rogue with the toppings.

As the image spread on Twitter people were quick to make fun, commenting things like 'lest we forget the anchovies' and accusing the supermarket of cashing in on a day of mourning.

"Colleagues in stores have been marking Remembrance Sunday in a number of ways and we hope customers see that their intentions in this case were entirely borne out of respect," a Tesco spokesperson pleaded.

This is 2014 though, expect several thousand more tweets and a full apology by 5pm.

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