Summertime is in the air and all over the world foodie bloggers are sharing their new refreshing watermelon cocktails to remain cool in the summer heat. Here are some to recipes to try.


First things first, you need a watermelon and in case you thought that might be simple, think again. There are 18 different types of watermelons including a golden midget with a yellow squashlike rind and red meaty center to a yellow doll with a meaty yellow center and green rind.

To have a look at all 18, take a look at the foodie magazine Saveur's site:

Even though watermelon means summer, to really be transported to a swinging hammock in America's South, a Japanese Zen garden or an Acapulco beach with just one sip you will need a wide range of alcohol.

Watermelon-Shiso Cooler, from the blog Tokyo Terrace, An American Foodie in Tokyo:

Watermelon Crush, posted on from Southern Cocktails: Dixie Drinks, Party Potions & Classic Libations by Denise Gee:

Acapulco Cliff Hanger, voted best of the web by Saveur, posted on from the book Backyard Bartender: ?55 Cool Summer Cocktails, by Nicole Aloni

Watermelon-Tequila cocktail, created by celebrity chef Bobby Flay posted on Food&Wine's site:

Watermelon-Champagne cocktail, posted on the online recipe site Epicurious:

Remember you can always try adding watermelon to your favorite cocktail and invent a new signature watermelon-infused margarita, martini, and daiquiri.