THIS recipe for cooking with corn, submitted by Deirdre McGrath of Amsterdam, calls for lots of autumnal produce. She found it in Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book , and receives a bottle of Maker's Mark sourmash bourbon.

Beans, Pumpkin and Corn

Serves 6

Ingredients: 8oz (225g) dried haricot beans

2tbs mild paprika

4tbs corn oil

2 medium onions, sliced

kernels from 2 large corn ears

1lb (450g) pumpkin, weighed after skinning and cubing

1lb (450g) tomatoes, chopped

good pinch dried oregano

sea salt, freshly ground pepper

Preparation: Soak beans overnight, drain, then cook in unsalted water until tender. Drain, reserving liquid. Heat paprika with oil, then sweat onions until tender. Add pumpkin, tomatoes and seasoning. Simmer 5 minutes. Add beans and corn. Simmer 15 minutes. If dry, add bean liquid or chicken stock.