Bill's Pav

Serves 4-6
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This was the dessert that Bill and I created at Richard Rose's house in Saint-Paul de Vence. We came across some unusual berries which were a cross between a raspberry and a wild strawberry, which we used for this Antipodean Pavlova.

250-300g raspberries

For the meringue
4 egg whites
150g caster sugar
tsp cornflour
tsp white wine vinegar

To serve

Vanilla ice-cream

First make the meringue. Preheat the oven to 120C/gas mark 1. Clean the mixing machine and the whisk in boiling water and dry with kitchen paper to remove any traces of grease, as this will affect the stiffness of the egg whites once whisked.

In a mixing machine with a whisk attachment, whisk the egg whites until stiff. Add the caster sugar and continue whisking until they are really stiff and shiny. Add the cornflour and vinegar and whisk again for about 45 seconds.

Spoon the mixture on to a baking tray, lined with silicone or greaseproof paper, into a long slipper shape. Cook in the oven for 3-4 hours or until the meringue is crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, but don't let the outside colour. You may need to cook it a little longer depending on your oven; remove and leave to cool.

Blend half of the raspberries until smooth in a liquidiser – you may need a couple of tablespoons or so of water to help them blend. To serve, hollow out the meringues by carefully pushing the centre in with the back of a spoon to make room for the ice-cream. Fill the cavity with scoops of the ice-cream, then spoon over the sauce; scatter over the rest of the raspberries.