Devilled Kidneys on toasted brioche

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The rich, darkly-coloured sauce of red wine and redcurrants makes a perfect accompaniment to the browned kidneys on golden brioche.


2 lambs' kidneys, with muscle removed
1 thick slice of brioche
150ml red wine jus (or a good demi glace)
30g fine, diced carrot
30g fine, diced shallot
1 rocket garnish
Fresh cracked black pepper to taste
1tsp redcurrant jelly
Salt and pepper
A little flour
A little olive oil


Lightly season and flour the kidneys.

Place a little oil into a sauce pan and place on a gentle heat, add carrots and shallots, sweat until softened with no colour, add black cracked pepper then add jus, red currant jelly and bring to a gentle simmer then leave to reduce.

In a frying pan add a little oil and place on the heat, once hot add the kidneys and cook one side untill golden brown, then flip over and cook until golden brown on the other side ensuring that the whole kidney is golden and there is no part that has not been seared, at this point if you like your kidneys to be pink you may remove them from the pan and leave to rest, unless you like them well done then continue to cook for a further minuet continually turning to ensure they do not burn.

At this point you may toast the brioche.

The sauce should now have thickened up slightly and is ready to be removed from the heat.

To serve, place the brioche in the centre of the plate, the kidneys on top, spoon over a little sauce, then spoon the rest around the brioche, place the rocket garnish on top of the kidneys.

Devilled kidneys on toasted brioche. DONE.