Grilled courgettes with crab and chilli

Serves 4

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British-grown courgettes are starting to hit the market now and I always find you get the most flavour out of them if they are sliced and grilled. It works especially well when you combine them with the delicate flavour of crab and a little kick of chilli.

2 courgettes, cut lengthways into ½cm slices
A little vegetable or corn oil for brushing
Salt and freshly ground white pepper
120-150g cooked white crab meat

For the dressing

1 red chilli, finely chopped
2-3tbsp olive or rapeseed oil
The juice of half a lemon

Heat a ribbed griddle pan on a medium heat, lightly brush it with oil and cook the courgettes for about 2-3 minutes on each side until tender. Meanwhile, mix all of the ingredients for the dressing and season.

To serve, the courgettes should be just warm; arrange them on serving plates then spoon the crab on top and the dressing over and around all of it.