Acrophobics step back now: just thinking about this precipitous discus, jammed perilously atop one of the towers of the Novy Most bridge across the Danube, is enough to induce an attack of vertigo. The UFO bar (so named because of the way it looks to the earth-bound) sits 84.6 metres up one of the bridge's supporting pylons.

The tiny lift to the top (no claustrophobics either, sorry) costs 150SKK (£3), or is free to those with reservations in the restaurant. The opposite pillar has an emergency exit with 430 stairs. And the "concept" is "watch. taste. groove." Which perhaps sounds cooler in Slovakian than it does in English.

Translations aside, this is the sexiest club in the city. Don't scoff, there is competition: there's a place on a boat where you never know if you're ever so trolleyed or it's unusually choppy out, and a rococo bar that serves mojitos in giant silver buckets with a handful of extra long straws. But most of the pubs in Bratislava have succumbed to curse of the stag night. Not the UFO bar. After all that cheap lager and potato dumplings they won't survive the G-force in the lift.

They say that if the Danube looks blue to you, then you must be in love. Handily you can see it while sitting on the loo, which also provides an awesome view of the bridge and the woods below. If the Danube looks brown, you'll need to stay a little longer, and if it looks green you've probably had one too many of the artistic ginger cocktails: don't look down.

Novy Most, Bratislava. Phone: (02) 6252 0300.