Seven ways to save on Christmas dinner

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UK-based independent consumer watchdog Which? is offering consumers some seasonal advice on how to save money while shopping for Christmas dinner.

A November 29 press release from Which? offers the following advice.

1. Compare prices and consider online shopping
While shopping online may not have the same sense of ritual as visiting the butchers it does have many advantages. By ordering from supermarkets online customers are less likely to buy things they don't really need. However shoppers will need to commit to a delivery slot in advance.

2. Look for special offers
As retailers seek to outdo each other with low prices this season it is easy to save money by taking advantage of special offers such as "buy one get one free."

3. Budget and prioritize
While Christmas is a time for over indulgence, Which? advises customers to set a budget for their Christmas dinner and prioritize which items are worth spending more on. Which? recommends thinking about which items your family really enjoys and spending more on those while buying budget versions of those foods no one really enjoys but are part of the tradition.

4. Don't believe the hype
While high-end treats from top brands may seem worth the extra money, Which? advises that they are no are no better in value at Christmas than at any other time of the year, and so are not worth buying.

5. Buy bargain booze
The same advice on brands applies to drinks. Which? recommends buying lower- to mid-price or own brand champagnes rather than splashing out on the big labels such as Veuve Clicquot, or Moet & Chandon.

6. Do it yourself
While buying tinned, pre-chopped vegetables can save time, Which? recommends shoppers buy uncut, non-treated vegetables which, though they take longer to chop, are nearly always cheaper.

7. Don't overdo it
Which? recomends that consumers try to be realistic while Christmas shopping. While a big meal and over indulgence are part of the occasion, there is little point in spending money on food that no one will be able to eat.

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