If you think you have the most refined taste buds and creations but don't want to get messy, join the latest trend in packaging 'your very own' chocolates, doggy food, beer, fast food, gelato and other snacks.


Personalizing your towels, luggage, even designing a new pair of Pumas, stuffed toys and fragrances has become the norm, and in 2010 these companies want you to enjoy the same level of customization with your favorite foods and drinks:

4Food: A new fast food restaurant to open in New York City during the fall of 2010 will allow you to create, name and market a variety of sandwiches and salads with 40 "veggiescoops" available, including edamame, hummus, salsa and veggie chili. For each one of your items that is purchased, you will get $0.25 (€0.19) in a 4Food credit.  http://www.4Food.com

Chocri: A German company that offers over 10,000 options of how to have your chocolate your way by selecting spices or herbs (cardamom, lavender, chives) fruits, nuts (cashews, wasabi peanuts), candies (gummi bears, lemon drops) and so much more. You can also purchase from a range of recent and popular creations. The base bar costs $6.50 (€5) and add-ons can range from $0.20 to $1.90 (€0.15-1.47) with a limit of six adds.  http://www.CreateMyChocolate.com

eCreamery: Ice cream is known as an emotionally healing food, and you can have fun ‘naming your own pint' (Ellen's Anti Aging Cream, Big Mama's Sweet Potato Pie) and blending your favorite gelato, sorbet or ice cream flavors (avocado, stout, ginger) and bits (Fruity Pebbles, cherry swirls). Four pints can run you over $50 (€39).  http://www.eCreamery.com

Heineken: Think your Heineken bottle doesn't quite go with your mood? You can design it to better suit your needs or add a personalized touch to a party. A 6-pack is €29.99 and takes up to 15 days for delivery.  http://www.Heineken.com/ie/YourHeineken.aspx

RedMoonPetFood: It is common for pet lovers to feel like they're not offering their pooches the most delectable dishes, via this site you can mix up a customized gluten-free delight with options based on your dog's energy level and kibble size. The pet food is only available in North America and ranges from 2.5-54lb (1.13-24.5kg) bags priced $10.99-170.99 (€8.50-132).  http://www.RedMoonPetFood.com

YouBars: Sort of like the stuffed toy store Build-a-Bear, you assemble each part of your trail mix or nutrition bars with your choice of grains, nuts, sweeteners, dried fruits, protein powders including cashew butter and agave nectar.  As you formulate your creation you will be able to see the nutritional facts tally up and name your bar. A box of 13 bars (35, 45, 55g) sells for $37.57-41.47 (€29-32).  http://www.YouBars.com