The $133,000, 9.4 million calorie bathroom made entirely of chocolate

Those who love eating chocolate and taking a bath can combine the two in this weird set up

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Fancy taking a bath in a chocolate tub? Brushing your teeth over a chocolate sink? Even sitting upon a chocolate toilet while you do your business? Well, that treat could well be yours, for the princely sum of $133,000 (£79,919).

The strange choice of bathroom – which even comes with a chocolate bidet – is the monster-child of and chocolatiers Choccywoccydoodah.

The businesses claim it was the abundance of online search terms for “suite” being mixed with “sweet” that caused them to put their heads together and come up with the interesting concept, listing it on


But the sceptics among its potential buyers may raise an eyebrow at the story – and at the sheer volume of its calorie count. The bathroom itself is made up of 50 kg and contains 9.4 million calories, which counts as more than a decade’s worth of recommended calorie consumption.

Kept at room temperature, the chocolate suite would supposedly last for six months, but leaving the bathroom exposed to direct sunlight or placing any of its items near to a radiator is not advised, for obvious reasons.

Chocolate obsessives can also buy the pieces separately; the bidet is $11,700 (£7,030), the sink is $15,000 (£9,013), the toilet is $23,000 (£13,815) and the bathtub is $83,600 (£50,225).