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BioFach, the World Organic Trade Fair, in conjunction with MUNDUS vini, an international wine academy, and Meininger Verlag, a respected German magazine devoted to wines, is hosting the first international organic wine award and event.

A total of 700 certified organic wines (still wines, sparkling wines, pearl wines and liqueur wines) entered the competition and the wine hall will have over 300 wine exhibitors for tasting including the winners -– look for the day-lit hall 4A at NürnbergMesse.

BioFach itself attracts nearly 50,000 visitors and exhibitors and this year’s theme is Organic + Fair and includes Vivaness, a natural cosmetics and wellness trade fair.

MUNDUSvini BioFach International Organic Wine Award
at BioFach 2010 (21 st Annual World Organic Trade Fair)
NürnbergMesse, Nürnberg, Germany
February 17-20, 2010
day rate: €30

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