Watch kids react to extreme food footage: viral video

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A video filming kids' reactions to an episode of Epic Meal Time, the YouTube sensation that features footage of bacon and beef-based extreme food, has gone viral since being uploaded Sunday.

The YouTube series   "Kids React" by The Fine Brothers filmed a group of kids aged 6 to 14 as they watched an episode of the Montreal-based show in which host Harley Morenstein - described as "evil" by one frightened child - creates one of his signature leviathan 50 lb (23 kg) cheeseburgers against an action-themed soundtrack.

As of 3:30 pm GMT July 12, the video, which was uploaded July 10, had received 353,540 hits and has been featured on the Today Show's Digital Life website.

The premise of the show is to film kids as they react to the most viral videos on the web. New episodes are released every Sunday.

Reactions to Epic Meal Time, meanwhile, vary between shock - "Ewww," - and awe - "Yeeeah."

Morgan, 6, licks her lips and whines sweetly, "Makes me hungry."

William, 10, claps in delight and fist pumps the air as soon as he recognizes his gastro-heroes: "Dude, I've subscribed to them..." he says with pride.

But a visibly moved Marlhy recoils in horror, aghast at the carnage before her. She's vegetarian. And she's eight.

"That's really sad ‘cuz I don't eat meat. They should just make veggie burgers."

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