Weekly gastronomy agenda: Vote for Saveur's first Food Blog Awards, Chips Day

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Saveur magazine announced its first food blog awards and the nominees are tweeting up a storm for votes; March 14 marks an important culinary day as it is devoted to celebrating Pi(e) Day and the world of potato chips.

Voting open for Saveur's 1st Annual Food Blog Awards

Saveur, an international gourmet food, wine and travel magazine, has launched the first award for food blogs by nominating the web's worthiest blog candidates in nine "Best" categories, including baking and desserts, wine, food photography, regional cuisine, special interest, culinary travel, individual post, innovative video content, and kitchen tools and hardware coverage. Cast your vote here: http://www.saveur.com/contest_bow.jsp?ID=1000011135&main=yes

International Pi(e) Day
March 14 at 1:59:26 p.m.

In honor of Pi (?, 3.14159265...) mathematicians and ? lovers show their appreciation by eating pie and discussing pi. Pi day began in 1988 and can be enjoyed all day with a slice of your favorite pies (pizza, lemon meringue, apple and many more).

Potato Chips (Crisps) Day

March 14
wherever the potato chip can be found

Consider March 14 a cheat day on your diet and celebrate Pi day with pizza, pie and Potato Chips Day with bags of potato chips. Maybe try some global flavor creations like Japan's caramel butter chips, Argentina's Patagonia lamb or New Zealand's smoked salmon and capers.

Green Food Day (St. Patrick's Day)

March 17
various places worldwide

St. Patrick's day, a holiday to celebrate St. Patrick the Catholic patron saint of Ireland, has become all about drinking and eating with an Irish feast and green beer.

Bocuse d’Or Asia
March 17-19
Pudong Expo
Shanghai, China

The second annual competition, co-located with Gourmet World Shanghai (an industry tradeshow devoted to international gourmet foods), is a continental event organized by the Bocuse d’Or committee to pre-select the four best teams that will compete at the annual prestigious final Bocuse d’Or 2011 in Lyon, France in January. Teams of chefs will be representing 12 Asian nations and the "Best Commis-Assistant" will be awarded in addition to three monetary prizes. http://www.bocusedorasia.com/

The 4th Annual San Francisco International Chocolate Salon
March 20
Fort Mason Center’s Festival Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USA

Doors open at 10 am on March 20 to 50,000 sq ft (4,645 sq m) of chocolate, wine and confections. The region's largest chocolate event has grown 66 percent in size with over 70 chocolatiers and all new "Chocolate Chef Competition" and the "TasteTV Wine Competition." Plus the Salon will have sections devoted to chocolate tastings, demos, new products, fair trade & organics, chef/author sessions, book signings, wine pairings and a live chocolate body frosting demonstration. Tickets purchased in advance are $25 (€18) or $30 (€22) at the door. http://www.sfchocolatesalon.com/

International Waffle Day
March 25

Supposedly a sign that Spring is on its way (in Sweden), although it doesn't matter if you call it Våffeldagen or International Waffle Day. Enjoy a waffle for breakfast with some delicious fruit and perhaps a waffle sandwich midday and end the celebration with a waffle sundae.


En Primeur 2009 Bordeaux
March 30-April 1
various châteaux, Bordeaux, France

En Primeur, also known as wine futures, is an annual event where the trade (wine investors and the press) comes together to taste the previous year's vintage while still in barrels to determine the wine rating, investment potential and price. Wines are tasted up to 18 months before bottled and the press generated from this highly anticipated event can set the tone for the wine market.

The International Edible Book Festival

April 1

International Edible Book Day has been held every year since 2000 on or around April 1, coinciding with April Fools' Day. Creators Judith A. Hoffberg and Béatrice Coron invite people from all over the word to submit edible creations in the shape of books or in any way "bookish." Groups from Australia, Brazil, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Russia, and Hong Kong have taken part in the event, holding small events at which they display their edible creations, take pictures, and submit them to the Edible Book Day website. All are welcome to participate; for more information, visit:

Salon du Chocolat Cairo
April 1-4
Cairo, Egypt

This outrageous 15th annual traveling event devoted to the art and trade of chocolate will make its debut stop in Cairo and other world cities including Paris, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow and Madrid throughout 2010. Cairo is expecting to host over 80,000 chocolate lovers of all ages, fashion designers and representatives of the chocolate trade from four continents. Similar to past salons the hosting nation will highlight local talent with chocolate demonstrations and a choctabulous fashion show. Egypt has enlisted its top five-star hotel chefs and the leading fashion designers will show four dresses made of chocolate; not to mention the Chocolate Academy for children and chocolate business sessions for trade and manufacturing. Day tickets are £E30-35 (€4-4.67).