Wines of the week: Three whites for winter

Three full flavoured, unusual and intriguing whites for cold weather drinking...

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From France

Chateau Le Coin Sauvignon Gris 2015

Far from being a normal Bordeaux white, this grape is a cousin to Sauvignon Blanc but produces wines of a very different breed when treated as a single varietal. The result here is both smoky and spicy, shot through with apricot, peach and citrus flavours, which linger fulsomely on the palate. Drink with prime fish, roast pork belly and lightly spiced oriental dishes.



From Hungary

Tokaji Deak Furmint 2011

Technically an “orange” wine – a white made like a red with prolonged skin contact producing a deeper hued, richer, almost oxidised wine. To add interest, the grape is Furmint, normally used for super sweet Tokaj dessert wines and aged in oak. However this is very dry, full-bodied, packed with flavours of stone fruits, vanilla, with a really savoury underpinning. Beguilingly different; ideal for all roast white meats.

£13.65; £15.64; £13.90 (minimum six bottle order)

From Australia 

Torbreck Barossa Valley  Woodcutter’s Semillon 2012

A lot of Australian Semillon can be a little on the creamy, bland side, but this is packed with real mouth-filling character coupled with a refreshing clarity of flavour: a glorious combination of lemons, apples and pears with dry, spicy notes coming through on the lengthy finish. Ideal for shellfish or crab.

£14.50; £15.99