World’s strongest beer served in a dead squirrel

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Brewing company BrewDog has created the world's strongest, and possibly most expensive, beer sold in taxidermied stoats.

The BBC reported on July 22 that Scottish Brewers, Brewdog, the creators of the 32% ABV Tactical Nuclear Penguin and the 41% Sink the Bismark, have broken the record for the world's strongest beer, with their new beverage, known as ‘The End of History,' which weighs in at 55% ABV.

However, the record-breaking super-strength beer also comes served in dead squirrels or stoats.

The taxidermied animals, allegedly victims of road kill, are also containers for what is thought to be the world's most expensive beer, available to buy online  for several hundred pounds, though the stoat is slightly cheaper at £500 (€600) while the squirrel costs £700 (€840).

Previously the world's strongest beer was SchorschbräU Schorschbock from Germany at 43% ABV.

The BrewDog group has attracted widespread criticism from animal rights groups, many claiming that the beer's unique packaging is a stunt which detracts from the seriousness of animal rights issues.

The beer is available from