There isn't a scrap of evidence that putting children in day care while their mothers go to work is bad for their health or education. On the contrary, the evidence from well-conducted and controlled trials suggests that it is very good for children.

Ian Roberts, director, Child Health Monitoring Unit, Institute of Child Health

This is Britain's opportunity to greet the world with a celebration that is so bold, so beautiful, so inspiring that it embodies at once the spirit of confidence and adventure in Britain and the spirit of future in the world... we will say to ourselves with pride: this is our Dome, Britain's Dome. And believe me, it will be the envy of the world.

Tony Blair on the Dome

Lord Richard Rogers on the Dome project

I think Donald Dewar has done his reputation irreparable damage. Sean Connery has contributed as an international ambassador very considerably.

Alex Salmond, SNP, on the controversy surrounding the alleged scrapping of Connery's name from the New Year's Honours List

What hurts and insults me is the fact that the SS troops who guarded and tortured us and murdered with impunity now receive a good pension, and we, who were compelled to slave labour under them... have not yet been compensated.

Roman Halter, survivor of Auschwitz and former slave labourer in Dresden munitions factory during the Second World War

The best way of using force is to show it in order not to have to use it.

Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General

An agreement might help the world relax, but it would not help Kuwait to relax. We will not trust Saddam Hussein. If there is a settlement now, it will merely condemn future generations of our people to confusion and insecurity.

Fatima al-Abdali, Kuwaiti environmentalist and human rights campaigner

Margaret really enjoyed smoking-it's as simple as that.

Royal source on the Princess's bad habits, after her stroke this week

I joined the Young Conservative Quiz Team when I was a kid, not because I was ever a Young Conservative, but because I wanted to do the quizzes and win.

Janet Street-Porter

We must all have sympathy for Harriet Harman. She's clearly not being supported by her colleagues or by No 10, and the strain is showing.

Gillian Shephard, shadow Leader of the House

It's just one of those things. At the time I thought this has wrecked my day. He was going chomp chomp chomp as he worked his way up the limb. When it came off you could hear it ripping with a crunching sound. It really, really hurt.

Circus worker Nigel Wesson on losing part of his arm to a 25-stone tiger