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I might not be as nifty as I used to be but my bosom is still pretty perky for my age.

Debbie Harry, Seventies pop icon, on the launch of a Blondie comeback

Charles could have opted to fly, but that would have meant Harry missing out on the atmosphere of supporters going to the game. This way, he will be totally involved. He's desperately looking forward to the match, and the fact that he's going with his dad.

A Royal source on Prince Charles' decision to take the Eurostar 'soccer special' train to see England play Colombia in France

All these politicians are interested in are shareholders and foreigners.

Stanley Danks, 78, taken prisoner in Java during the Second World War

Please don't take me off. I want to carry on.

Michael Owen, the youngest player ever to score for England, on recovering from being kicked in the head by Morocco's goalkeeper

In a French wedding, the words are very simple. All you have to say is oui or non - and it has been known for people to change their minds at the last minute and say "non".

Actor Max Douchin, who plays "Papa" in Renault's television advertisements, on the three alternative endings to an instalment which features his daughter getting hitched

I saw a picture of one of the crew on deck wearing a jersey with the White Star Line crest and thought 'Hey, I bet they'd go down well'."

Retired bus worker Rodger Meachem, who has signed an exclusive deal to market a range of 'Titanic' clothes

Each time I look at them or hear Ollie sing in the bath, I see and hear Frank.

Deana Moore, mother of Frank Sinatra's secret grandsons

If a ticket is upside down it makes it more difficult to read, but provided it was valid, I would suggest the attendant was perhaps a little over-zealous.

East Riding Council's principal traffic officer Mike Dainty, on a parking ticket issued to hapless motorist Robert Walls because his

permit was stuck the wrong way up

They see themselves as a slick, professional outfit, and couldn't believe Geri pulled out.

An insider commenting on the wrath of four Spice Girls as singer Geri pulled out of a TV Lottery performance

He was goading me, saying I was drinking because I was upset about Louise. I did not say I thought she was guilty. He made the story up.

Elaine Whitfield-Sharp, lawyer for nanny Louise Woodward, denying the allegation that she believed her client to be guilty of killing her charge