If these arrangements are going to work, then everyone involved will have to give up violence for good, and decommissioning is an essential part of the package.

Mo Mowlam, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, after the IRA said there would be no decommissioning of arms

I cannot feel it is right that someone should make money out of crimes that are absolutely appalling.

Tony Blair on Mary Bell

I ought not to have tried to beat him up in parliament. I ought to have tried to beat him up outside.

Domenico Gramazio, Italian MP, on political opponent and former Juventus footballer Massimo Mauro during a debate about football

I don't care whether you are Alan Shearer or the Pope, you do not do that.

Leicester City manager Martin O'Neill on the "kick" aimed at one one of his players by the Newcastle and England footballer

The only hope of reducing drug harm is to collapse the illegal, irresponsible, criminal drugs market by replacing it with a legal market that can be rigorously licensed, policed and controlled.

Paul Flynn, Labour MP

I have no intention of taking this lying down and I have no intention of being bullied by any organisation or any media interests.

Michelle de Bruin, Ireland's Olympic swimming champion, on allegations by the sport's ruling body that her dope test samples showed "signs of adulteration"

Choice of vehicle is their business.

No 10 spokesman on the Blair family's people carrier, a Chrysler Grand Voyager, branded one of Britain's least "green" cars

We stand with you. We support your dream. From the ashes of the Holocaust arose the phoenix of the state of Israel.

US Vice-President Al Gore in Jerusalem for Israel's 50th anniversary celebrations

I have no time for any waffle. There will be no more wordy policy statements.

Gerry Robinson, new Arts Council chairman

I see the animals don't suffer, but I have to cut down on the heating. It's my choice.

Carla Lane, millionaire script-writer in the early Nineties, who has put "all her money" into an animal sanctuary

She wasn't just bowled over by the "Hi, I'm Leonardo DiCaprio" line. Leo had to pull out all the stops

Source close to the 'Titanic' sta on his new love, the model Vanessa Haydon

It must never become Britain's answer to Graceland, and whilst I live, it will never do so.

Earl Spencer on Althorp

It's totally over the top. I'm not saying I would have wanted to jump into the water, but surely it should be a matter of choice.

Evan Jenkins, Oxford student, on the police ban on jumping off Magdalene Bridge on May Day