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I never knew quite what he saw in me.

Dame Joan Sutherland on her relationship with her husband, Richard Bonynge

In future boxes will be opened, checked, and recorded.

Ministry of Defence on the loss during transportation of spare parts for Trident, Britain's intercontinental nuclear missile

I committed the ultimate sin. I went to America and became successful.

Gary Oldman

Part of me is evil, part of me is good. It is a struggle every day.

Michael Douglas

Being marginalised and irrelevant is a lot less demanding on your time. This is just like the old days.

Ken Livingstone

Telling jokes for him was like breathing.

Daisy Cook on her father Peter

Everybody loved to say they were her closest friend. They loved to say they knew her better than anyone else. We had the full family view that no one else had.

Piers du Pre on his sister Jacqueline

I know the Groucho club is full of people doing exactly what I'm doing, so it may be perceived that I'm the same. But I've come from work, and I've been working my bollocks off for eight hours.

Chris Evans

Well, you get sick of it after a while. You think, honestly, you're so full of shit..."

Kurt Vonnegut on why his new novel will be his last

I told Margaret Thatcher what she had to do to be a successful Prime Minister. It was a bit presumptuous, but you've got to admit it, it worked.

William Hague remembers his first speech to a Tory Party conference.

When I go to dinner, I pay for dinner. I don't apologise for it. I can't help it. It's guy shit.

George Clooney on how he woos women

The Sixties were an era of extreme reality. I miss the smell of tear gas. I miss the fear of getting beaten.

Hunter S Thompson

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.

Bill Gates

You can't be rational about life. We are not that kind of animal. We haven't got the right words; we are spiritual, even though the word is so debased.

Doris Lessing