Can you help your fox to outwit Lord Horsey, Drusilla Harker-Rolls and their chums? Board game devised by Heathcote Williams and illustrated by Beccy Blake

The first fox to get to the den wins the game.


2 - 6. You, the player, have to choose one or more foxes to get home to the den.

Characters in the game

Baddies: Drusilla Harker-Rolls, Lord Horsey (Master of the Hunt), Jeremy Chin-Less, Raving Ron (terrier man), Pegsy Palmer the farmer's wife.

Friends: Melinda Marsh, Rev Treetops, Stig Stubble, Annie Seed, Moley (digs tunnels like Swampy).

How to play

Every player starts by putting their fox in the right box at the start. Each takes it in turn to roll the dice and get as far as they can. Along the way are various obstacles you have to get through. If one player lands on another, the player who has been landed on has to go back to the beginning.