Friend talks of boy who filmed his death

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A boy who video-taped his own death leap wanted to become a film-maker and director, his friend has revealed.

Hamza Rashid, 16, of Perivale, west London, died in Hillingdon hospital after leaping from the top of a five-storey car park at Heathrow Airport.

Jonathan Lee, also 16, owned the camcorder which Rashid used to record the moments leading up to his death. It was found still running on the roof where Rashid had positioned it to capture his last words - that he was going to kill himself - and his jump.

Jonathan, of Perivale, attended St Dominic's Sixth Form College in Harrow on the Hill with Rashid and had been friends from the age of six. Jonathan, speaking publicly for the first time since Rashid's death, said they had both been keen film-makers.

'It was February when we started making films and it was the most interesting thing we ever did. A few weeks before he died he asked to borrow the camcorder and said he wanted to be by himself. I thought it was odd because we always filmed together.

'But he seemed OK when I saw him the Sunday before, but it was pretty strange when he gave me a calendar he knew I liked, and a video.

'We talked about suicide but he said he would never ever commit suicide. He was a happy guy and had quite a few friends. It doesn't make sense.

'Hamza wanted to become a director. Goodfellas was our favourite film. It's not the same watching it without him, we were very close friends.

'The holidays are difficult because there's so much time to think about it. My other friends can't replace Hamza.'

At the inquest at Uxbridge coroner's court two weeks ago Dr John Burton outlined how Rashid had spent his final hours filming his favourite places in Perivale. He said there was no explanation why a bright happy boy killed himself.

A verdict of suicide was recorded.