Handsome and traditional or transparent and space-age? Let's face it, no one knows what the iWatch will look like - but everyone will complain

Apple's 'iWatch' has been off the radar for a couple of months, but a rumour earlier this week that it's set to be unveiled on September 9th alongside the iPhone 6 have set tongues a-wagging once more.

Samsung and LG have responded by releasing a couple of their own smartwatches just for the hell of it (actually, they're pretty nice: one looks like a normal watch and the other makes actual calls!) while Steve Wozniak has come out and said the whole smartwatch thing is a wash anyway.

"I feel that wearables are a hard sell," Wozniak told Cnet. "They are go-betweens for your smartphone but are an extra piece and need special advantages that the smartphone doesn’t have, in my opinion."

Well, while it's hard to argue with a man who actually co-founded Apple, plenty of people are certainly willing to give Apple the benefit of the doubt, confident that they'll pull something out the bag on the day.

Until then, these concept illustrations give a fair idea of the difficulty in designing a smartwatch, and the bewildering choices Apple has ahead of it. Once the initial iPhone was released it's been a case of tweak and refine, tweak and refine, but if you're staring a blank canvas, what would you come up with?