Having previously won Best Action Game and Best Online Multiplayer at E3 in June, Battlefield 3 took Best of Gamescom at the European expo's public opening.

The modern-era shooter impressed at Electronic Arts' press conference and on the show floor.

Sony's upcoming handheld, the PlayStation Vita, replicated its E3 success by winning in the Best Hardware category.

FIFA 12 had been E3's Best Sports Game and became Gamescom's Best Console Game, while Diablo III was proclaimed Best PC Game.

Gamescom Awards 2011
Best of gamescom: Battlefield 3 (360 PC PS3)
trailer: youtu.be/m8S_eEv_A5k
website: battlefield.com
Best Hardware or Accessory: PlayStation Vita
trailer: youtu.be/klr1hGlL_eg
website: facebook.com/sonyplaystation
Best Console Game: FIFA 12 (360 DS iOS PC PS2 PS3 Vita Wii)
trailer: youtu.be/istUJhYecmI
website: ea.com/soccer/fifa
Best Mobile Game: Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita)
trailer: youtu.be/7zqyRuLHPCo
website: unchartedthegame.com/golden_abyss
Best Online Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)
trailer: youtu.be/rLrsEx8YZj0
website: swtor.com
Best PC Game: Diablo III
trailer: youtu.be/Q17FDfU7-ds
website: blizzard.com/diablo3
Best Browser Game: The Sims Social (Facebook)
trailer: youtu.be/XA5H-h-PVSo
website: facebook.com/TheSimsSocial
Best Family Game: Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster (Xbox 360 Kinect)
trailer: youtu.be/ILlFT1-lyGk
website: onceuponamonstergame.com