From nanotechnology to supercomputers, environment-friendly cars, digital photo frames, glasses-free three-dimensional televisions and even robots riding bicycles, the curtain is about to go up on one of the largest technology exhibitions in the world.

CEATEC Japan 2010 gets under way on October 5 at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex, just outside Tokyo, with the organizers hoping to attract 200,000 people to the five-day event.

Now in its 11th year, the theme this time around for CEATEC - which stands for Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies - is "Digital Harmony: Technologies for Comfortable and Eco Living."

And many of the products and projects on display will be pushing the boundaries of technology to their limits.

Electronics giant Fujitsu Ltd., for example, will be displaying the K Computer, the next-generation supercomputer that it is developing with The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and which is scheduled to be on-line in 2012. A super-large-scale system, the computer will combine 80,000 CPUs and have a target performance of 10 petraflops - giving this one system the computing power of 200,000 of the latest consumer PCs.

That level of performance will also surpass that of the world's fastest current supercomputer by a factor of five.

Mitsubishi Electric will be unveiling the final production model of its Diamond Vision organic light-emitting diode technology, which is designed to operate in brightly lit areas, such as commercial facilities, train stations or airports, while communications experts NTT DoCoMo will be showing off smart mobile phone technology as well as cellular phones equipped with ion generation functions and 3D technology.

There is speculation that Toshiba will be announcing the arrival of 3D television technology that does not require a viewer to wear glasses, while Murata Manufacturing Co. will be putting Murata Boy and Murata Girl - its bicycle-riding robots - through their paces.

A great deal of research and development at Japanese automobile companies is being focused on green engine technologies and Nissan Motor Corp. will have its all-electric, zero-emission Leaf on display before the first cars are delivered to showrooms in Japan, the United States, Portugal and the Netherlands in December. The car will be available globally in 2012.

CEATEC, October 5- 09

Times: 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex, 2-1 Mikase, Mihama-Ku, Chiba City, 261-0023, Japan.

Admission: All visitors are required to register, either in advance or on the door. Registering via the website provides free entry. On the door, the cost is Y1,000 (€9.29) for an adult and Y500 (€4.65) for a student. Children under the age of 12 are admitted free.

Further information: +81 3 6212 5233 or