The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on June 7.

1. Jon Stewart's Ratings Are Now Higher Than All Of Fox News
According to market researcher Nielsen, late night TV show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has a larger average number of viewers than the Fox News network.

2. This Guy Has My MacBook
A blog post detailing the robbery and subsequent recovery of a MacBook thanks to a program that remotely captures photos, screenshots, network details and location information after a theft has occurred.

3. Wait...What?
A photo that juxtaposes the number of states in the USA that will allow first cousins to marry with the much smaller number of states that allow gay marriage.  

4. Sarah Palin Gets The 2nd Amendment And Paul Revere's Ride Wrong
An article that documents American politician Sarah Palin's failure to comprehend the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

5. Top Scientology Leader Arrested In Australia For Covering Up Child Sex Abuse
Jan Eastgate, the President of the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights within the Church of Scientology in Australia, has reportedly been arrested after being accused of covering up incidents of child sex abuse.