Current Twitter trends: Help Japan, Rebecca Black, Google Circles

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In the wake of Japan's devastating earthquake and ensuing tsunamis, Twitter has become a central hub for those wanting to share news, stories, pictures and videos of the disaster.

"#HelpJapan" is promoted in first place by the American Red Cross. The aid organization is encouraging people to donate money to assist people affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and the Pacific region.

"#prayforjapan" remains in the chart, moving down one spot to number three.

"#thingsthatdontgotogether," "#unaplayeraquediga" and "Rihannas Sister" take up second, fourth and sixth places in the chart.

People on Twitter are making fun of a music video featuring a young singer called "Rebecca Black."

People tweeting about the song say, "Just heard Rebecca Black's song. Are you kidding me? Got to get down to the bus stop?", "Friday by Rebecca Black = if stating the obvious had a ménage à trois with random daily events + autotune", and "Half of twitter is freaking out over Japan and the other half is freaking out over Rebecca Black."

"Google Circles," the name of a "major" social network purportedly being developed by Google, is in eighth place. Technology blog Read Write Web suggested Google would unveil the social network during the SXSW (South by Southwest) Interactive conference but Google has since told All Things Digital "the company is not launching its own social network."

" Alam Ara," the name of the first Indian film to be released with sound, is in seventh place, the name of American wrestler "Jeff Hardy" is in ninth place and "HSM3," the shortened name for Disney movie High School Musical 3, is in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 14 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #HelpJapan (promoted)
  2. #thingsthatdontgotogether (new)
  3. #prayforjapan (-1)
  4. #unaplayeraquediga (new)
  5. Rebecca Black (new)
  6. Rihannas Sister (new)
  7. Alam Ara (new)
  8. Google Circles (new)
  9. Jeff Hardy (new)
  10. HSM3 (new)