"I got scared when I saw #livecococam was a trending topic because it sounded like a porn cam. Nope, just Conan. Phew," tweet users on reading the number one topic on Twitter on the morning of October 20, "#livecococam."

American comedian Conan O'Brien and the "Coco Team" are promoting the term in the hope of generating viewers for their 24-hour live "internet event" due to be held on October 20.

The second topic on Twitter's list ("erection") is not so innocent. Worried Twitter users are tweeting, "if 'erection' trends for more than four hours, twitter should call a doctor."

The memes "#onedirection," "#flockavelilive" and "#bestpickuplines" take third, fourth and fifth places on the chart while the name of Canadian politician Naheed "Nenshi" is in sixth place.

Role-playing game " Fallout":New Vegas is trending in seventh place as players in the US get their hands on the newly released game.

Baseball pitcher "Cliff Lee" is in eighth place ahead of the Dutch words for rain ("regen") and good morning ("goedemorgen").

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on October 20 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #LiveCocoCam (Promoted)
  2. Erection (new)
  3. #onedirection (new)
  4. #flockavelilive (new)
  5. #bestpickuplines (new)
  6. Nenshi (new)
  7. Fallout (new)
  8. Cliff Lee (new)
  9. Regen (new)
  10. Goedemorgen (new)