The team behind the octopus/family simulator Octodad is raising money for a sequel with several limited-run goodies up for grabs.

A framed oil painting of the tentacled father figure himself has already been snatched up, after one backer pledged equal to or above $1,000 via Octodad 2's Kickstarter page.

That leaves the two Octodad costumes and three in-game representations still available as top tier rewards for stumping up funds.

Octodad was one of eight Student Showcase winners at the 2010 Independent Games Festival, and is available for free.

Players struggled to control Octodad's hilariously flailing limbs in a bid to complete basic household tasks and remain undercover as a functioning parental unit.

There was talk of bringing the game to Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, a possibility that can be further explored once the Octodad 2 pot hits its $20k target.

Pledges of $10 result in a digital pre-order for the game on PC or Mac, while higher amounts net t-shirts, posters, plushies, and statuettes.

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Octodad download (PC/Mac):