A look at the most-viewed sites on website discovery service StumbleUpon, recorded on April 15.

1. Household Objects Largely Resized - Illusion
A sculpture series by artist Romulo Celdran of everyday objects that have been enlarged until they are no longer functional.

2. The hardest part of any game
A cartoon that says "the hardest part of any game is being stuck on a puzzle that you've already solved."

3. StumbleUpon Stats: Stumbling During the Day
StumbleUpon Statistics that show, among other things, that users stumble once every three minutes while at work.

4. Epic Dubstep!
A dubstep music mix by DJ Mindfield set to footage from "IRC Dance Movement," a short film featuring Dutch break dance collective Rockaz.

5. The Craziest Pokémon Fan Theories

A recap of bizarre and ridiculous Pokémon fan theories such as that Gengar is Clefairy’s shadow, a designer may have screwed up the evolutions of some Pokémon, and Kangaskhan is Cubone's dead mother.