There’s an alternative Minecraft server without any rules

It’s one of the world’s most popular video games, parent approved and even used in schools, but dissatisfied with its rules and regulations one user decided to set up an alternative version of the fictional universe where anarchy could rule. Now users are queuing for four hours to play

Sony launches new UHD TVs

UHD, HDR and Backlight Master Drive might sound like sci-fi terms – but they're actually the technologies that will make the next generation of TVs look intensely detailed and lush

Pokémon Go: I caught them all and it wasn’t worth it

Pokémon's augmented reality app has caught the imagination of the world in the week since its launch – leading to unexpected discoveries and even public health warnings. But will The Independent’s curmudgeonly managing editor be won over by the virtual critters? We sent him onto the streets of London to have a go at – you guessed it – catching them all

Your money or your files: the growing threat of ransomware

Ransomware – whereby phishers lock data-access and blackmail the owners into paying for the key – is the new internet plague coming from the US. But since the criminals’ transactions are untraceable, what is the remedy? Seung Lee reports

Government launches 'Verify' scheme to check online identities

In Matthew Blakstad's debut novel Sockpuppet, the Government sets up a digital identity system that suffers a catastrophic failure of trust. Now a real-life version of the system, Verify, has been launched – and those behind it will be hoping that truth is a little more straightforward than fiction