Digital Digest: 02/05/2011

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Reporting from the frontline

The reports of American news reporter Lara Logan being attacked in Cairo on the night that Hosni Mubarak's government fell was shocking and disturbing. In this interview with The New York Times' Brian Stelter, she breaks her silence on the subject for the first time and tells how she feared for her life. Read it here in full:


Bin your butts

More bad news for smokers. It's not just your health that you're damaging, it's the planet's, too. According to this piece from Time's Jeffrey Kluger, the world's oceans are paying a price for humanity's tobacco consumption. Cigarette butts, according to a new paper, are doing untold damage to the planet's fish. Read about it here:


Go deeper underground

Looking for a new place to live? Bored of all those boxy new flats? Tired of all those endless rows of semis? Then why not invest in a nuclear missile silo for you and your family to live in? Check out this article on the new trend for setting up home in defunct Cold War-era missile bases and bunkers. Some renovation required.


Barn-storming pictures

Francesco Capponi has come up with a very novel use for blown eggs (eggs emptied of their yolk but retaining uncracked shells). The Italian photographer has managed to turn them into pinhole cameras which each capture a single, ghostly image. Follow the link to find out how to do it yourself.

Office art

Access denied

Looking for something to put on your work cubicle? Artist Steve Thomas has the answer: a bit of office propaganda. His pared-down images in Soviet-style red and black run the whole gamut of banned work activities, from water-cooler gossip to updating your social-media pages.


Robots in disguise

Paramount Pictures has debuted its theatrical trailer for the third outing of Michael Bay's Transformers franchise. Transformers: Dark of the Moon sees Shia LaBeouf in the leading role, this time accompanied by British supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in her movie debut.


Rock legends

NME online is running a feature listing some of the most notorious, shocking and attention-grabbing moments in music history, including when Ozzy Osbourne bit a head off a bat, the 1999 Woodstock riots and when Marilyn Manson became a priest. Discover its top 50 here: