Digital Digest: 09/05/2011

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Cadbury's takes its clothes off

First there was a gorilla playing drums to a Phil Collins tune, then two pneumatically-eye-browed children dancing...

Cadbury's lastest post-modern wheeze to sell its chocolate features an enlivened shirt, suit and blouse dancing around a charity shop to the strains of Jermaine Stewart's Eighties hit, "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off".


The long jaws of the law

Seeing a police car in your rear-view mirror is never the happiest experience, but few of us would go as far as this alligator did in Florida. On meeting the police car, the 'gator decided to clamp his ample nashers around the vehicle's front bumper. The officers had to reverse down the road to try and declamp the animal before a trapper was called.


Zuckerberg's social rooms

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has bought a new home. Not just any old home, judging from these photos retrieved by Gawker from the website of a Palo Alto estate agent (rather than MZ's Facebook wall). The bathrooms come with heated floors and the garden has its own entertainment pavilion, spa and pool.


Hoe soon is now?

Gardening: a pursuit of the retired, the outdoorsy, the practical. But the techy? Modern gardening isn't all shears and rose-clippers. This New York Times piece points to a range of recent innovations that have given the hobby a 21st century makeover with robotic mowers and smart plant pots.


Sundance horror

One of the most acclaimed film to be shown at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Martha Marcy May Marlene stars Elizabeth Olsen as a disturbed young woman who has just escaped from a cult. When she moves in with her sister, it becomes clear that she is haunted by her past.


Soft focus

Any blog entitled Animals With Stuffed Animals is destined to be a viral hit. Naturally, this is a blog featuring nothing but reader-submitted pictures of cute animals cuddling their cute stuffed toys; from a raccoon with its teddy bear to a labrador puppy with a mini Babar the Elephant. Very cute.


Popcorn in a wok

Forget posh crisps. These days it's all about gourmet popcorn. Why not try making some yourself at home? Thanks to this handy video from the foodies at, you can learn how to turn your wok from a stir-fry staple into a popcorn-popper. You'll save yourself a fortune at the cinema, too.