Digital Digest: 14/02/2011

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The Korean peninsula may be riven by strife and the ever-present threat of war, but South Koreans certainly know how to amuse themselves. The new national craze sweeping South Korea is indoor cycling gymnastics, in which competitors use a stationary bike as a gym frame. Half dance routine, half acrobatic display, it looks rather fun.


The fact that fleas can jump is not exactly news, but it has taken until now to figure out how the tiny insects actually do it. Using special high-speed recording equipment and a computer model, a team from the University of Cambridge managed to figure how the bug manages to leap such large distances.


Over the course of the history of art one topic has recurred more than any other: the kiss. Painters, sculptors, poets and photographers have all obsessed over it, tried to capture the essence of it and attempted to reproduce it in full sensuous detail. In honour of their weighty exertions, Flavorwire has pulled together the 10 best kisses in art.


So fashion week is just around the corner – but can you recognise the famous faces who will be gracing the catwalk? The New York Times has put together a model IQ test, complete with questions on fashion side-projects, past contracts and career milestones.

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Fancy whipping up some red-velvet cupcakes for your loved one this afternoon? Or how about some super-easy homemade truffles? My Baking Addiction, written by sweet-toothed blogger Jamie, is an adventure in all things confectionary. Ideal for a spot of last-minute Valentine's Day cooking.


The New Pornographers have debuted their video for "Moves", the latest track to be taken from their fifth album, Together. Directed by Tom Scharpling (of Saturday Night Live), this comedy promo is worth watching for the host of cameos alone, including Paul Rudd, Kevin Corrigan and Bill Hader.


Here's a video that gives you instructions for a Japanese candy sushi kit. Using the different sugary solutions and handy tools, you can painstakingly make sweets that look exactly like sushi. Watch the expert do it; they are almost certainly making it look much easier than it actually is. Impressive.