Digital Digest: 15/11/2010

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The video for Cheryl Cole’s latest collaboration with The Black Eyed Peas’ sees her don latex leggings and bustier and imitate the style of a Japanese commercial. But has she just been copy and pasted on to the original video? And is she even singing? It’s catchy, if somewhat surreal though and she’s got the Japanese robot moves down to a tee:


Who would have thought it? If you go to a restaurant which offers healthier options on the menu, you’re even more likely to leave having over-indulged. Apparently the guilt-free atmosphere gives us a free “licence” to eat and drink whatever takes our fancy. Psychology Today explains why:


Never shy of making a spectacle of himself (case in point: those “Bang” perfume ads), fashion designer Marc Jacobs has posed for Industrie magazine in drag. “Mrs” Jacobs dons stockings and heels for this cover shoot – dedicated to the culture of fashion. His fur-trimmed coat is particularly fetching.


With the Republicans having taken Congress in the recent midterms, immigration is once again a hot topic in the US. The Good Network set out to explore the facts of the situation. Their infographic explains how many illegal immigrants there are, where they’re from and what jobs they do:


How would your life look if you were judged only by your Facebook newsfeed? This short film by Maxime Luère explores the darker side of social networking by following a fictional character through the process of making friends, getting married and moving around the world. A video that deserves to go viral:


The new exhibition at London’s Design Museum brings together a collection of some of the most remarkable fashion illustrations from the last century. A mixed media exhibition, it features videos and posters from such luminaries as Chanel, Dior, Comme des Garçons and Poiret. Check out a preview here:


German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz first used the mathematical formula calculus in November 1675. However, Isaac Newton also claimed to have invented it at the same time and received the lion’s share of the glory. A new grid from Geekosystem salutes the achievement of inventors who were pipped to the post: