The influential American pollster Nate Silver, who writes the blog Fivethirtyeight.com, has posted an interesting piece about the prospect of a hung parliament following today's election. The comparisons with Canada's 2006 election are clear, and will probably provide comfort for nervous Conservatives. Goo.gl/4fRa



Until his death in 1988, Jean-Michel Basquiat helped set the template for a street artist-turned-artworld superstar. Film-maker Tamra Davis shot footage with the painter throughout his brief career, which she has turned into a documentary. Nowness.com has a trailer, an interview with Davis and an essay about Basquiat's memorable style by Glenn O'Brien. Goo.gl/cYXB



The Southern vampire serial 'True Blood' is returning to US screens for a third season, and to ramp up the anticipation HBO is webcasting a series of short "minisodes". They're not available to UK viewers on the HBO site, but have popped up on YouTube. The first features Eric and Pam auditioning dancers for vampire nightclub Fangtasia. Goo.gl/Dtjs



If you're a sci-fi fan wishing to spice up your sat-nav, look no further than TomTom's new set of 'Star Wars' themed voices. Now, you can buy the voice of Darth Vader ("Take the third left... Sense your way"). C-3PO, Yoda and Han Solo will become available during the summer. Goo.gl/JXBP



Leonard Woolf, future husband of Virginia, travelled to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1905 as a junior civil servant. Novelist Lev Grossman tells the fascinating story of his friendship with fellow ex-pat BJ Dutton, who appears – from his poetry on the theme of fairies – to have been a nascent fantasy nerd. Goo.gl/PIgK



As Greece teeters on the brink of economic oblivion, the graphics desk at 'The New York Times' paints a depressing picture of the wider dimension of European debt. A flow-chart shows just how much Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal owe Germany, France and Britain – and each other. Goo.gl/o604



Last week web entrepreneur and blogger Dan Yoder wrote a post entitled 'Ten reasons to quit Facebook', explaining exactly why he was removing himself from the world's favourite social network. The post has been hugely popular, and republished by influential sites across the net. Well worth a read. Goo.gl/KHRl