So you've splashed out on a shiny new iPod Touch. It's a real stunner, brimming with bells and whistles.

However, buying an iPod Touch is only half the battle – choosing the right accessories is when the fun really begins. Whilst there are literally several metric tonnes of iPod bits and bobs to sift through, there are few must-have iPod accessories that any iPod/iPhone owner worth their salt should not be without.

iPod Protection

For anyone considering any iPod pimping, a protective case should be the first accessory off the rank. With their entire front consisting of a single piece of glass, the iPod Touches are fragile widgets that don't bounce when dropped. Add a scratch-prone design to the picture and getting a good protective case is a no-brainer.


Protective cases needn't turn the svelte Touch into a fattie, Incipio's Feather cases for the iPod touch and iPhone are less than 1mm thick, yet incredibly tough. A screen protector is also included to reduce glare.


Not to be outdone are Gelaskins, adhesive vinyl skins which come in a huge range of cool designs and are complimented by downloadable matching wallpapers, giving your iPod touch a seamless look through to its screen. GelaSkins are also scratch and UV resistant and can be cleanly removed should want to switch to another design.

iPod Buds

Apple may have designed the ultimate media player with the iPod, but their bundled headphones are atrocious and should be replaced as soon as possible. Thankfully several really nifty alternatives exist that'll take iPod audio to new heights.

Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears have been the in-ear headphones of choice for major musicians for eons. With headphones ranging from custom designed cans to fit your ears, through to the more affordable Metro Fi models, Ultimate Ears entire range delivers incredibly good sounds.


If the Ultimate Ears range are out of reach, Vmoda's Vibe Duo are an awesome alternative. Constructed in a slick aluminium finish, they're easy on the eye and more importantly are built to last. A "semi-open" design also allows for air flow to the headphone drivers, delivering a wide soundstage for in-ear oonst.

Pod Power

Some iPod accessories are solutions in search of a problem, but delivering extra power and environmentally friendly power to your pod isn't only useful, it's a must and can be the difference between vitamin audio and living with silence.

Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie's Juice Pack is incredibly useful. The secret to this lies with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that sits inside its shell which allows the Juice pack to do double duty as a protective case and double your iPods battery life for long trips where there is a need long extended iPod immersion.


The Solio is compact charger with green credentials that includes a set of multiple power adaptor tips for charging a big range of gadgets including the iPod. The Solio opens up into three sections (like a fan) to expose its solar cells which use sunlight to charge a built-in battery. Having an internal battery which can be charged by the sun or a wall socket allows you to carry the equivalent of an extra battery that can keep your iPod juiced. If you're heading to remote climes and have to rely on the sun for your daily diet of iPod goodness, you'd be hard pressed to go past the Solio.

iPod Docks

When it comes to private in-ear listening, the iPod has well and truly proven that it's the one to beat. Thanks to a massive range of docks that do double duty as chargers and external speakers, the iPod can also be transformed into a more sociable audio companion.

Logitech Pure-Fi Dream

Logitech's Pure-Fi Dream is easily the iPod dock equivalent of a full-blown micro Hi-Fi replacement. The Pure-Fi Dream fits most iPods/iPhones and has two ¾" tweeters as well as two woofers. You'd be forgiven for equating the Pure-Fi Dream's diminutive form factor with it being a pint sized squeaker, but the reality is that it's able to dish out rock-solid solid sounds. Audio aside, it also incorporates an FM/AM radio tuner, and you can switch between stations using the bundled remote which is a rather smart affair, with sensibly laid out backlit orange buttons. Staying with buttons, the Pure-Fi Dream also an alarm clock with an easy to find 'Snooze' button on its top, making the Purefi Dream the ideal bedside companion.

AV Labs My Tube

AV Labs My Tube iPod dock does both music and video thanks to its crisp 7" widescreen LCD display, making it a great way to watch video podcasts, view photos and of course listen to music. In addition to iPods, videos can also be played from USB thumbdrives and memory cards. Audio-wise, the My Tube also delivers the goods, easily filling my kitchen with stereo sound. Rounding things out, is the remote which feels reassuringly solid and thanks to a logically laid set of buttons, is dead easy to use.

Sourced from the New Zealand Herald