The 10 Best Digital radios


1. Q2 Wi-fi Internet


OK, so this isn't the most sophisticated of radios, but it sure is the most fun. To change the channel, you simply tilt it to the side. Likewise, to change the volume you tip it forward or back.

2. Philips AE4800 Portable


It's all about price and portability. The sound quality, while not a wonder to behold, isn't bad either. And it comes with a handy quick-scan function, so you can find Annie Mac on Radio 1 in a trice.

3. Pure One Classic II


No time to listen to your favourite show? Never mind – you can hear it whenever you like thanks to the DVR-like Listen Later feature which allows you to register and record your favourite programmes.

4. Monitor Audio AirStream 10


Like Scandinavian minimalism? You'll love this. This radio is British-designed, but wouldn't look out of place in the most chic of Stockholm lofts. Plus, the sound quality is top-notch.

5. Dualit DAB kitchen


The ultimate kitchen radio, this. There's the built-in egg timer and the funky aluminium design – and that's before you mention the DAB and FM tuners, 8W speaker and MP3 plug-in point.

6. Revo Axis


It may be costly, but this is the cutting-edge of technology. You can plug in your iPod or stream songs from your computer. An investment in sound technology – in both senses.

7. Vita Audio R1 MKII


Fun to look at, and built to perform, Vita products are renowned for design and durability. Even better, it comes with its own leather carry-case and a strap-on battery pack so you can take it anywhere.

8. Sony XDR-S16DBP


Roberts may have got there first but this DAB+ radio is posing a serious challenge in the style stakes. It includes a sleep timer so you can listen while you nod off, and a place to plug in headphones.

9. Roberts Solar DAB 2


Roberts is keeping up with the times. This elegant number will win you a few environmental points. Why? It's solar-powered. Perfect for whiling away sunny afternoons in the garden.

10. Roberts Revival RD60


Roberts' Union Jack radio has been garnering plenty of column inches lately – but we prefer this more elegant version in navy blue. King of the stylish radio, no one does retro revival quite like Roberts.