No more lugging a bulky camcorder on holiday; now they come small enough to fit into your shirt pocket.

1.Nokia Lumia 800 Phone


The new Lumia 800 isn't just a decent phone, it's a pretty nifty camcorder, too. The Carl Zeiss lens makes for sharp videos and it has social-media apps pre-installed.

2. Bush Mini


Bush's camera certainly doesn't give the best picture quality in the world but the five-mega-pixel camera isn't bad either – especially given it costs less that £30.

3. Panasonic upright HX-wa10


The days of bulky shoulder-straining camcorders seem distant when you have this dainty machine in your mitts. It has a 12x optical zoom and 16-megapixel sensor.

4. Panasonic Waterproof Upright


If you fancy making your own version of The Blue Planet you could use this High Definition Panasonic that keeps out water.

5. Hello Kitty


Ideal for your wannabe film director, the Hello Kitty camera comes pre-loaded with special-effect functions and photo-booth editing software to edit on the go.

6. Sony Bloggie 3D


It may be small, but the Bloggie is anything but puny when it comes to features. The eight-gigabyte camera records in 3D and has a 3D LCD display on the back.

7. Vivitar


The Vivitar may not be the prettiest camera in the world but it's a great workhorse, benefiting from a 4x digital zoom and a 2in LCD screen. It also has eight exposure modes.

8. Mini DV


Fancy trying your hand at a bit of espionage? The 5.5cm-tall Mini DV camera is small enough to conceal in your button hole or hide on your desk and will record for two hours.

9. Toshiba Camileo


Sturdy enough to be tossed in a handbag or rucksack, this is a great travel companion for your ski trip or beach break. It also features an unusually large 10x digital zoom.

10. Philips ESee


You can dive into a pool or jog up a hill with this water, shock and dust-proof camcorder from Philips. It comes with an eight-megapixel sensor and HD lens.