If you regularly wreck mobiles, need a watch that can take a kicking or fancy a water-proof MP3, check these out...

1. Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC memory card

£38.99, samsung-direct.co.uk

Ensure your pictures are safe and this, magnetic-, heat-, humidity- and 1.6-ton-weight-proof memory card.

2. Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 4-GB

£79, advancedmp3players.co.uk

This aquatic MP3 player allows you to spend Poseidon-like amounts of time in the water while listening to up to 25 hours of music.

3. Olympus TG-620

£229.95, olympus-europa.com

Not only will this survive dropping from your pocket, it's also water-resistant (if not totally waterproof) and can withstand temperatures down to –10C.

4. JCB Sitemaster 3G

£149, jcbphone.co.uk

If there is one gadget that is in need of toughening it's the mobile phone. Not JCB's, though, which is water- and dust-proof and won't break under a ton of pressure.

5. Klipsch S4i

£89.99, klipsch.co.uk

Not rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor sweat will damages this pair of moulded rubber in-ear phones. They have extra-large button controls, too, for glove-wearers.

6. G Form iPad case

£69.99, g-formuk.com

The G-form is about the safest case you're ever likely to get for your tablet – ever. It was tested by dropping an iPad in a G-Form from the edge of space.

7. ioSafe rugged portable hard drive

£274, dabs.com

Your one-terabyte's worth of data is in safe hands here. Hands so hardy, in fact, that they can withstand pressure of 2,500lbs.

8. Lacie's XtremeKey USB

From £49.95, amazon.co.uk

Keyring-sized and comes in 32GB or 64GB, its manufacturer claims it will survive an encounter with a 10-ton truck.

9. PURE Oasis Flow music streamer and radio

£149.50, johnlewis.com

This combined radio, on-demand music streamer and MP3 is encased in a tough aluminium shell.

10. Casio G-Shock Gulfman

£120, amazon.co.uk

If you work outside and need a tough watch, then check out this Casio. It can stand up to shocks and knocks with ease.