Samuel Muston

Samuel Muston is deputy editor & food editor of The Independent Magazine. He also writes a weekly food column

You are not just what you eat but where you eat

It was in the second-from-left blue-and-white striped booth in the Driftwood Room at the Nautilus hotel in Miami, while drinking a frozen beverage going by the name of “Mexican Mule”, that I saw success in the international restaurant business. His name was Tom.

20 best gifts for him

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Paris's supper-club scene vs the old French bistro

The French, as a rule, are not big on change these days. I happened to be in Paris in late June when the city's taxi drivers were trying to create their own small version of the French Revolution, though focused on Uber cabs rather than an ancien régime. They had taken exception to the app-based taxi company – now a feature of life from Manchester to Miami – and were making their voices heard; as indeed were the police, who all seemed to be dressed like RoboCop.