Samuel Muston

Samuel Muston is deputy editor & food editor of The Independent Magazine. He also writes a weekly food column

You can tell a lot about a person by the things they don't eat

Judgement is one of those eel-words that slip about, its meaning, or at least its resonance, is ever-changing. It is thought laudable in, say, a theatre critic or a reviewer of films, but if you are ever on a bus and listening to some teenagers, you will certainly at some point hear an angry voice screech “DON'T JUDGE ME” as if it was a mortal sin. Of course, it's not, being just a simple means to come to sensible conclusions. Or at least that is what I think when I consider my own judgement, which, like most people I know, is always appended with the word “good” in my head. Other people, though, well, they are something else.