Hotel Gotham, Manchester: Welcome to the Batcave of the North

Manchester was a world-leading city back when New York City was still in short trousers; the neo-gothic architecture of Cottonopolis prefigures the skyscrapers of the Big Apple. Today, both have a similarly brooding atmosphere. But now, as the jewel in the crown of George Osborne's multibillion-pound “northern powerhouse” plan, a bright new sun is rising over the River Irwell. All of which left me baffled as to why Hotel Gotham has taken 1920s Manhattan as its theme. Is a theme ever necessary? 

Grätzlhotel, Vienna - hotel review

This quirky accommodation group is turning Vienna’s commercial spaces into sleek suites. Christopher Beanland checks into The Tobacconist

Tri Lanka, Galle, Sri Lanka - hotel review: Move away from the beaches

At around 5.50pm most evenings, the natural soundscape of the forest around Sri Lanka's Lake Koggala – the chirps of cicadas and squawks of koel birds – is broken by the low thrum of a propeller engine. From the terrace of Tri, cocktail in hand, we have the perfect spot to watch the twice-daily seaplane make its descent and land on the bottle-green water's surface as it arrives from Colombo. A boat is quickly despatched to deliver any Tri residents to its private jetty.