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The column reinvented

The Doric column has rarely gone out of fashion since its advent in ancient Greece. Few, however, have looked like those of Zurich-based architect and programmer Michael Hansmeyer. Using a specially-devised algorithm, which mirrors the subdivision of body cells, he has built abstract Doric columns of awe-inspiring complexity and beauty.


A spot of extreme ironing

Britain is a centre of sporting excellence, at least when it comes to that most extreme (and neat) of extreme sports: extreme ironing. Since 2003 Britain has played host to a fiendishly difficult competition which challenges competitors to iron a shirt whilst on a canoe, up a tree, or atop a mountain.


Mile-high art

Buzz Feed has compiled 100 photographs taken from different aeroplane windows. Whether it's the top of Canary Wharf peeking through the clouds, the breathtaking Mount Everest or the muddy colour palette of Lagos in Nigeria, this collection highlights the incredible diversity of our planet.


Animal Collective's new breed

Experimental Brooklyn troupe Animal Collective are currently in the midst of a string of shows in California before they play the Coachella music festival this weekend. They've included three brand new as-yet-untitled songs in their set, which you can watch courtesy of Pitchfork.


White used to be just right

The theory that "pink is for girls, blue is for boys" is foisted on children, but where does it actually come from? According to this Jezebel article, it happened gradually: for centuries, all children wore white dresses, until pastel baby clothes were introduced in the mid-19th century.


MBAs slam-dunked

Most of management theory is inane, says Matthew Stewart, founder of a consulting firm and author of a book on the subject. In this extract in The Atlantic, he advises budding business whizzes to skip the MBA and study philosophy instead, to avoid becoming part of the "management myth".


Shelf life

Want to make marmalade? Choux pastry? Authentic enchiladas? Even if you don't, it's worth checking out Penelope's Pantry, a charming food blog from theUK-based titular expert. She offers recipes for all of the above and keeps even kitchen-phobes entertained with her warm prose.