The Ten Best Mini-Laptops

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1. Acer Aspire One - £200

The Aspire One, which runs on Linux, not Windows, is a competent compact computer in that it’s light, it’s small – with a screen size of 8.9in – and it’s cheap. The battery life is less exemplary at a measly two hours.

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2. Vye mini-v S18P - £500

With its rotating 7in touch-screen and compact size, Vye’s mini-laptop is an intriguing beast. On the plus side, it’s very lightweight and has a good battery life, but it has limited memory and is prone to sluggishness.

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3. MacBook Air - From £1,199

While it’s not mini all over, the wafer-thin MacBook is certainly the slimmest laptop the world has ever seen. It’s undeniably expensive, but you get Apple’s expertise, and a lot of style, as well as the substance.

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4. Belinea 1 - £440

With its seriously small 7in screen and 9 x 6.7in dimensions, the 1 can easily slip into your handbag without spoiling the line or breaking your back. It comes with a Bluetooth Skype phone for cheap calls.

5. HP 2133 Mini-Note - £410

As mini-laptops go, the Mini-Note is hard to beat. True, it’s heavier than some of its brethren, but it has a broad keyboard, 120GB of storage and it looks great: perfect for on-thego computing at a reasonable price.

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6. Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook P8010 - £1,292

If you’re after a business laptop that is fast, reliable and compact, this is well worth a look. It has a fingerprint scanner, splash proof keyboard docking, and data protection features.

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7. Samsung Q1 Ultra - £693

This is a compact but sturdy handheld device with a sensitive touchscreen. Mercifully for anyone who actually needs to do some work on it, it comes with a detachable keyboard but it’s not ideal for office use.

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8. ASUS Eee PC 901 - £300

The latest Asus, with its 8.9in screen, cements the brand’s position as one of the leading mini-laptop providers. Like the Aspire, it uses Linux rather than Windows, but offers a higherend product with longer battery life.

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9. Sony Vaio VGNTZ31MN/N - £1,099

ThisVaio might be a little on the large side for a true mini, with its 11.2in screen. A solid keyboard and sevenhour battery life make it a viable business option, although it will never be as pretty as the MacBook Air.

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10. MSI Wind - £330

If your typing resembles an arcane dialect full of random vowels, it could be that your keyboard is a little too portable. The MSI Winds get round this with a decent-sized offering, complete with a 10in screen.

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