1. GEARED £0.59 Gears-based puzzler. Line the cogs up to get the virtual gearbox working with 80 levels.

2. ALIVE 4-EVER £0.59 Zombie shooter where players can choose from four characters trying to rescue survivors from the hungry undead.

3. PUB QUIZ £0.59 Pub quiz-style game supporting both single and multiplayer versions.

4. FARM FRENZY £0.59 Time-management sim featuring 45 levels, five types of animal, nine farm products and six types of building to juggle.

5.CARTOON WARS £0.59 Arcade war game where you create special units to conquer the enemy’s castle.

6. CAMERA GENIUS £0.59 Adds camera features including zoom, sound capture, anti shake, big button, guides and timer.

7. MOTO X MAYHEM £0.59 Physics-based dirtbiking racer.

8. MOBILE ALLOWANCE £0.59 Shows you your pay-as-you-go remaining minutes, texts and - how much you’ve overspent.

9. SHEEP LAUNCHER PLUS! £0.59 Push the button to launch a sheep, pig or frog. Tap as fast as you can to boost him higher.

10. SOLITAIRE £0.59 Classic game of Solitaire for the iPhone and iPod touch.